Monday, November 16, 2009

Playboy Earphones :

Playboy earbuds for your MP3 Player that comes in the color Black/White, Pink/White, or Pink/black.

The buds feature the famous Playboy bunny symbol along with the word Playboy on the earbud.

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Polaris :

KDDI teamed up with Tokyo-based Flower Robotics to develop a new concept mobile phone/robot system designed to monitor and learn the user’s behavior and communicate via a home TV set.

“Polaris,” the prototype system consists of a mobile handset that monitors the user’s daily activities and an artificially intelligent robot sphere that charges the handset and displays data on the user’s TV.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Unlock The iPhone :

iPhone, has the features of a PC, an iPod, a digital camera and a mobile phone.

Benefits of unlocking an iPhone are that it helps you to run third party applications and play retro-games.

Unlocking helps you to run iPhone on any carrier of your choice and it releases an iPhone from Apple’s network so that you are not bound to any network to run your iPhone and your iPhone is usable even after the end of the contract.

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